what to pack for a romantic getaway: marrakech

If, like me, you hate February and everything it stands for, you might want to think about heading a little further South. European weather is treacherous and cruel this time of year, but thanks to the beauty of budget airlines, Morocco is very affordable, and the weather will not disappoint.

Hordes of tourists, sexual harassment and very little green space means Marrakech is not the obvious choice for a romantic getaway, and it’s certainly not the relaxing kind of break. If you’re travelling there for romantic purposes, it’s better to see Marrakech as a ‘team building activity.’ If you’re early on in a relationship, you will definitely discover a lot about how you work together as a couple. Marrakech is a challenge, but it is well worth the trouble.

It’s important to remember that Morocco is a Muslim country, and although Marrakech is incredibly cosmopolitan, when you’re out in public, it’s respectful to keep your shoulders covered and wear a long skirt or jeans.  Pack light, because, trust me when I say, you do not want to be lugging a huge bag around the labyrinth of hectic souks.

Below I’ve put together a collection of bits to keep you cool and sane in this crazy city.



Love Tie Front Shirt · £15.00 · Love @ ASOS

Dupatta Scarf · £39 · Chandni Chowk

Cargo Shirt · £19.99 · H&M CONSCIOUS

Barron Sunglasses · £109.99 · TOMS

Sunblock · £8.95 · LUSH

Wool Hat · £22.00 · Christys’ @ ASOS

Quartz Earrings · $28.00 · Soul Flower

Black Suede Boots · £42.00 · Minnetonka @ ASOS

Reclaimed Bralet · £25.00 · Reclaimed Vintage


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