animal friendly valentine’s makeup

Following on from my previous post, I’m trying out a cruelty free valentines day makeup tutorial. Though testing cosmetics on animals is now banned in the UK, many companies still profit from the sale of products in countries such as China, where animal testing is compulsory.  And often brands that don’t test on animals are owned by companies that do. Fortunately, you no longer have to sacrifice quality for ethics, with outstanding makeup coming from all angles.  Within this article, I’m only using products that I think are better than the alternatives. Because what better advertisement is there for cruelty free makeup than your face looking flawless.


I’ve been sent a lovely lip gloss to try out from Neal’s Yard which you can find here. I don’t think I have ever bought a lip gloss in my life, probably because I had all these preconceived notions of my mouth getting stuck together, Neo in the matrix style. This gloss has none of these issues, it’s incredibly nourishing, making my lips feel soft and not even slightly sticky. Part of the huge love that I have for Neal’s Yard is that their products just seem to please all of my senses at once. This gloss is no exception, with the organic orange oil making it taste and smell amazing. I applied it over a natural lip liner, and it gave a very pinky ‘your lips but better’ colour. Because I’m a crafty lady, I also put a little on my cheeks, which needed hardly any blending, and gave me a natural, glowy blush. If like me, you don’t like to carry a huge makeup bag around, multi tasking products like this are a gift from the heavens.










Neal’s Yard · Wild Rose Beauty Balm · £38.00

Charlotte Tilbury · Magic Foundation · £30.00

Charlotte Tilbury · Airbrush Flawless Finish · £33.00

Eyeko · Sport Waterproof Mascara · £19.00

Anastasia Beverley Hills · Dipbrow · $18.00

Neal’s Yard · Goji Berry Lip Gloss · £9.50

Charlotte Tilbury ·  Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk · £16.00


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