product review: neal’s yard organic eye make-up remover

2016 was the year of the contour. And although I was as drawn in as the next lady by the ability to completely change my bone structure with a bit of bronzer, it has become impossible to walk down a British high street without seeing the same heavily contoured face over and over again. It seems unfair to me that we are expected to spend approximately an hour on our faces every morning, with the reward of looking like a very sexy clone. So for 2017, my plan is to instead focus on my skincare, minimising the need for makeup in the process, and saving me a hell of a lot of time. I’ve been using only natural and organic products, and the difference is ridiculous. It seems obvious now, but I didn’t make the connection that the chemicals I was putting onto my skin were actually making it worse.

One of my favourite products that I have discovered this year is this Neal’s Yard Organic eye make-up remover, which you can purchase here. Firstly, I am a huge sucker for the Neal’s Yard packaging, I feel that it gives my dressing table an air of mystery, which counteracts the high maintenance yet disorganised vibe of the piles of mismatched products. Being someone who cries at pretty much anything, I need the most waterproof of waterproof mascaras, which is usually a nightmare to remove. Not so with this make-up remover, which removes with very little effort and leaves my eyelids feeling soft and nourished. With rose water and white tea extract, the scent is so delicious that taking of my makeup feels like a treat.


Organic Eye Make-Up Remover  · Neal’s Yard · £11.00


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